In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems [IVMS] & Asset Tracking

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Majees is a pioneer in the field of Fleet Management in connecting Telematics to business operations and making roads safer for everyone with advanced IVMS systems on IoT. We have partnered with global leaders, advancing Security and vehicle data to optimize operational efficiency and costs, enhancing driver safety and meeting regulator compliances.

INFOTECH Divn provides IVMS solutions for Fleet Management including

Real-time Vehicle Tracking and Management Systems
Driver Monitoring and Intelligence Systems
In-Vehicle Information Systems
Mobile Surveillance Systems
Fuel Management Systems
Car Sharing Solution
Asset Tracking Solutions

Majees provides simple Vehicle tracking to advanced innovative fleet management solutions, connecting fleets to the internet and providing web-based analytics to help our customers better manage their fleets. Also in improving the productivity and return of investments with reduction of fuel management, enhancing road & driver safety and in meeting regulatory compliance including OPAL Approvals.

We provide complete IVMS solutions via GPRS/GSM/Satellite in real-time to the server with a customized dashboard for reporting and diagnosis.

Majees IVMS Divn provides Professional Services, mainly.

Fleet Management and Operational Supports.
Data Analysis and Business Intelligence
Training and Driver Workshops
Integration and Development Support Services
With a dedicated Customer Support Team, Majees able to deliver consistent and timely service supports and also help our clients to understand the fleet data and allow making valuable decisions to enhance their fleet management systems.

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